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Broken Screens

Using only high quality parts, we replace screens on everything from smart phones to tablets and MP3 players.

Charge Ports

Does holding your iPhone just right seem to be the only way to make it charge?  Is it not charging at all?  We can fix that!

Is your device not holding a charge as long as it used to?  No problem.  We can replace your battery quickly and keep your device running all day again.


Let's face it, cameras are a big part of why we all love our iPhones and Androids.  If your camera isn't working like it should, we can fix that!



Can you hear me now?  If you can't, that is just one more service we provide.

So you can hear me, but I can't hear you?  No problem.  We fix iPhone and Android microphones too.

We don't stop at cell phones, tablets, and MP3 players. 

WE ALSO REPLACE WATCH BATTERIES!  With over a decade of experience, you won't find better service.

What Our Customers are Saying:

"5 out of 5 stars! Joe is the man you need for a job well done! I dropped my phone and the screen was black. I have an s7 and I figured I would have to upgrade to another newer phone. Nope! Went to see Joe and he fixed the screen, no problems, no hassles, just great business and customer service! I will highly recommend. I shopped around and the fix for my screen was running around 200$-250$, I end up paying 175$. So, great fix, great price, great customer service for a repair that got me back to my important documents, pics, and more! Also, I have a tight schedule and he was willing to work around it and meet me after his business hours! Yup, you read that right, after business hours. The fix was super fast as well. So, if you have any repairs you need for your cell, Joe is the man you go see. Thanks!" - C.D.

"Never met Joe before I shattered screen and about lost 6 months of photos/vids of my kids. Screen was completely unusable. In 1 hour Joe replaced screen, put on tempered glass, cleaned ports (seemed brand new again) and replaced my camera for less than $150. Again it took one hour cause I got in first thing but I gather even if there is a wait you can get it by end of day. Joe was easy to talk to and made my day! Hell ya Joe!" D.B.

"Joe was great from start to finish. His customer service was very impressive. Joe saved my $800+ HTC U11+ cell phone. It was only a year old and the whole screen was crumbling of the phone. He was able to order me a new beautiful screen and had it back to me in 3 hours. Very impressive!" J.B.

"Joe was great from start to finish. His customer service was very impressive. Joe saved my $800+ HTC U11+ cell phone. It was only a year old and the whole screen was crumbling of the phone. He was able to order me a new beautiful screen and had it back to me in 3 hours. Very impressive!" J.B.

"Excellent customer service! As a first time customer he assisted me with all my needs, explaining and detailing the process and go above and beyond the call of duty. My phone works awesome now and the price (trust me on this one!) cannot be beat! Best pricing and service in town! Will def be back for all my technological needs!" J.N.

"Wow. Talk about saving tons of money, and faster and super friendly service. Thank you so much!! Call this place 1st!!!! I took my S8 in to batteries plus, because my tray was broken & sim card was stuck in there, they looked at it for 20 seconds quoted me $60 and said it will take an hour to disassemble the whole phone to get it out. Kinda ridiculous? I go to Big Sky, he got everything recovered in less than 20 seconds and offers to get the broken parts replaced. I saved tons of money and time. Thank you!" M.W.

"I called to set up an appointment to get my iPhone 7 fixed this morning, He was able to get me in at noon and gave me a heads up that the work could take an hour - he did a fantastic job in less time and even check out my failing battery and fixed me up with a new one too. my phone is like new now! awesome service - great pricing! will recommend to everyone and if I need to be-I'll be a returning customer!" A.W.

"I needed to fix the cracked screen on my sons IPad and chose this company because of his business statement on Yelp. This is the perfect example of the professional, knowledgeable business model that is lacking and hard to find these days. The owner ( sorry bad with names) is kind, and knows his stuff. At the last minute I realized i needed a screen protector and with a “no problem,” he quickly and correctly put it on for us. The kind of trustworthy person that will always do their best and admit when they do know the answer. This is my local go to from now on" D.M.

"Joe at Big Sky Cell Phone & Electronics Repair is your guy for all your broken phone needs! I shattered my iPhone screen on Sunday night and he had it completely replaced less than 24 hours later. He also gave me a discount on replacing the battery at the same time (which needed to be done). I could not recommend him enough! Thank you, Joe!" C.C.

"Wow! I was so impressed with the service! The communication was great, fast service, great repair job, the price was really good — couldn't ask for a better experience!" J.S

"Joe at big sky fixed the screen on my phone after I dropped it. He worked quick, did such a good job, and was very professional. The price was great and I really appreciated his flexibility with my busy work schedule. Would highly recommend Big Sky Cell Phone." J.B.

"Joe was great to work with would highly recommend his services. He was prompt, professional and provided a quality service saving me hundreds of dollars over my other options. Would certainly use him for future needs." A.M.

"Cracked my screen on my S10 Plus and joe repaired within record time! Took only 2hrs, quality of the job seems to be sufficient as well and best price in town. Will highly recommend." G.P.

"I highly recommend Big Sky Cell Phone & Electronics Repair. Joe turns these jobs around quickly and is a great guy to visit with if you have any questions about phones and electronics. I have an older Galaxy S4 and want to keep it going as long as I can. I broke the screen recently and Joe replaced it within hours and for a very good price. My family busts up phones like it's going out of style - Joe will definitely get plenty of business from us, he's our "go-to" guy for phones and electronics." J.G.

"I got the screen of my iPhone 8+ replaced here today, and I would recommend this place to anybody. First, I called several places in Missoula to ask about prices for screen replacements, and this guy told me one of the lowest prices. PLUS he was way nicer than anyone else I talked to. He was quick and he did a great job- I feel like I have a new phone. He even included a new screen protector for free." L.R.

"The back of my android was busted so I called and made an appointment to drop my phone off. Joe was very friendly both on the phone and in person and my phone was fixed quickly, well, and at a great price. Would recommend to everyone and, though I hope I won't need to for a while, know if I do drop my phone again, I'll be coming back here." B.P.

"My iPhone screen broke like they all do! I was hesitant to take my phone anywhere as I felt I would have to leave it. That’s hard for me to do because of my business. But they fix my screen in 30 minutes and have me back up and operational. Super friendly and helpful staff highly recommend" K.S.

"Prompt service and good rates coupled with quality work make this a go to for cell phone repair" J.M.

"Joe was able to fix my shattered screen in the time it took me to get a coffee, and drive back to the shop. I was in a pinch and needed to print out a resume that same morning, and he was kind enough to go to the print shop next door, pick out some high quality paper, and print several copies for me. He was kind, understanding, and very professional. Thank you for saving the day, Joe" E.P.

"Wow. Love this local shop. Joe was spot on. He replaced my screen protector in about 2 min. I really appreciated that he took the time to clean the phone and ensure a tight fit. When the first didn’t adhere, he put on a different one. Also, the screen protectors he has have a hole for the camera. He also took the time to show me that my case was partially blocking my camera because it was for the wrong model phone. Something I didn’t notice, and something the national chain folks failed to mention or notice. The screen protectors and cases at Big Sky are also really affordable. Take your business here, you won’t be disappointed.: E.P.

"Three times in, three times quickly out with fixed phones or tablets. Highly recommended for anyone needing a phone or tablet repair" J.T.

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